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Urtekram Hand Cream

I have recently begun using products from the wide range from Danish company Urtekram, which focuses on delivering gorgeous products for those with sensitivity, allergy or simply wanting something more natural in their cosmetics and pampering. They are particularly hot on ensuring products like the hand creams meet with standards for organic certification, green/eco and vegan living.  So often, companies striving to fulfil such stringent standards, fail to then produce items that are gorgeous and lovely to use, but not so with these hand creams!  I have the Rose and Nordic Birch versions and both of them are absolutely lovely.  The textures, first of all, are rich and creamy, without being oily.  So your hand cream stays where it should do – on your hands.  This kind of texture is especially welcome during the colder months, when skin needs that extra boost of moisture and comfort.  The other top feature is the scents.  If you like anything on the rose and rose geranium vibe, then the Rose hand cream ticks the box.  Admittedly, it has more of the geranium oil than rose oil quality, but it really is a luxurious smelling and feeling product, which has been making me feel cared about each time I use it.  Needless to say there’s not much left of the 75 ml pinky-red tube, which has fitted very handily into my handbag. Urtekram_NordicBirch_edtdThe other winner is the Nordic Birch, packaged in a lilac pink tube – the colour matches its light fragrance and general feeling of sensitivity, mixed with freshness.  This cream has a really subtle and uplifting scent, designed to evoke the experience of walking through woodland and enjoying the fresh air.  Subtle, but slightly heady, one to relax with whilst listening, perhaps, to Elkie Brooks singing Lilac Wine!  Nordic Birch  currently sits on my bedside table and provides a reassuring hand caress before bedtime.  Both tubes feature easy, flip open caps and are of a slightly chubby, friendly build.  As well as these products being easy to use and lovely to apply, what I am enjoying is that they make my hands feel so much better, pampered and nourished.  And although there are some fragrances involved, they are natural and non-irritating so I haven’t ended up with the usual dryness, itching or redness that I can get from so many hand creams. I am looking forward to exploring more from the Urtekram range – I think they’re a company to look out for.  UK stockists include the independent store, Lansdown Health Foods in Lewes, East Sussex (Tel: 01273 474681).  The full range of Urtekram products can be viewed at

More Haymax for Hayfever Sufferers

HayMax Organic Pollen Barrier Balm for Hayfever
Now also available in Lavender and Aloe Vera Options

Here is the latest update on Haymax – I was glad, just recently, to see a box of this product on the counter of a local, independent health food store in Haslemere, Surrey, too!

Now Three Out of Top Four Supermarkets Stock HayMax

HayMax, the organic pollen barrier balm for hayfever sufferers, is now available in over 200 Morrisons stores nationwide. Morrisons joins Tesco and Asda of the ‘Big Four’ supermarkets stocking this drug-free balm.

Morrisons Buyer, Stephanie Brown comments: “We’re pleased to be stocking HayMax as it is has a good track record. It will help extend our range and give customers more choice and value when looking for ways to help with their hayfever, dust and pet allergies.”

Since it is drug-free, HayMax is suitable for pregnant and breast feeding women, and is great for children. There are no drowsy side-effects, so it’s ideal when driving and for people taking exams. The balm comes in a handy pot, so fits easily into a hand bag, school bag, sports bag, briefcase or pocket.

HayMax is applied around the base of the nostrils. It works by trapping pollen before it enters the nasal passages. Hayfever is a reaction to too much pollen in the body. Each person has a ‘trigger’ level, above which they suffer from symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose and watering eyes, but below which they have no reaction. By trapping pollen, HayMax helps keep the sufferer below their trigger level, helping keep them symptom free.

Invented in his own kitchen by company founder and MD, Max Wiseberg, HayMax has gone from strength to strength in a little over 8 years. It has won no less than 18 awards, including the Janey Loves Platinum Award for 2012 for the second year in a row, and highly commended from Natural Lifestyle for 2012. It is regularly positively reviewed by doctors in the media, including Dr Chris Steele MBE on ITV1 no less than 4 times!

Last year the balm was proven to trap over one third of the pollen grains in the air [1], and the same study found that it also traps cat dander and dust mite droppings, two of the most common indoor airborne allergens.

HayMax™ retails at £6.99 for a 5ml pot and is available from selected branches of Morrisons nationwide. More information is available from HayMax™ at or on 01525 406600.

[1] Chief Investigator: Professor Roy Kennedy, Principal Investigator: Louise Robertson, Researcher: Dr Mary Lewis, National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit, 1st February 2012.

Original Article, published on GoldenCup 26 June 2011 @ 15.32:

Having had to deal with allergies for many years, it’s always refreshing to see some alternative way of coping with them. Hence I was pleased to see this little plastic pot of Hay Max appear on the market in the Spring of 2009. The producers have now expanded the range to three options: Pure, Lavender and Aloe Vera.

Hay Max is an organic, drug-free balm intended to help stop sneezing and allergy reactions to pollen, through trapping the pollen before it gets into the delicate membranes of the nose.

The idea is you just apply a small amount around the base of the nostrils. It’s easy to use and the pot is small enough to carry around in a handbag or purse. An added bonus is that the balm does not have a strong fragrance and, even in its pure form, contains aloe vera or aloe barbadensis, helpful for the reduction of inflammation.

Another ingredient is sunflower oil, both of which can help to moisturise a nose that has become sore through too much wiping with tissues! Nonetheless the balm does not have a greasy feel.

Any drawbacks? It is not clear whether it is intended to also help with itchy eye allergy problems which are often a problem with hayfever and rhinitis (household dust allergy). However, as it works with the point of entry of irritants to the nose, it may also help with eye irritation – worth a try!

All in all, HayMaxTM looks like a fairly straightforward product with simple ingredients; it is nice to use and it won’t make you drowsy. Well worth giving it a go, I think, when pollen season strikes. Price on launch was £6.80 for a 5ml pot but look around for variations. Available in good chemists, pharmacies and health food stores.

Article Text Copyright: Diana McMahon Collis 2011 – to reproduce this article please credit the author and let us know where you have published it – with thanks!

First review published at: Qassia April 2009 with permission

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