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Omnium Multivitamin and Mineral Formula by Solgar – Product Review

Multivitamins are not a new idea but there are fewer products around that you could call high quality Multivitamins WITH Minerals.

Not everyone is clear about the difference between vitamins and minerals or the benefits of taking several different kinds at once, in a multi form.

The simple fact is that vitamins work together, in many ways, so Multis are generally a good idea. These days it’s not just about basic nutrition but optimum nutrition. This means we have a choice about adding items into the diet in supplement form, to help specific situations. We don’t expect to see too many people with scurvy these days because we know that Vitamin C stops health going downhill in that way! But it is surprising how often the lack of a specific mineral, for instance, can result in various minor problems, especially when it comes to bone and skin health. Likewise, a general boost to feelings of wellbeing can often be present when the full Vitamin spectrum is covered in the diet – or adequately supplemented.

Sometimes we just want a multivitamin product for a feeling of “health insurance”. It’s really great, if working long hours or feeling a little stressed, to know that the extra help is being received from a daily dose of a decent multi supplement.

The well respected health products company Solgar now has Omnium, a combined Multiple Vitamin and Mineral formula supplement. Omnium arrives in a classy dark brown glass jar with a gold and purple label. It clearly communicates quality and safety and this is reflected in both outer and inner safety seals.

The product itself is a fairly large, purple pill – sugar, salt and starch free and suitable for vegans. Solgar suggest taking two per day. These pack a punch as they contain a wide range of nutrients, even including Coenzyme Q-10, good for if you do regular sports activities, as well as Vitamins C, D, E and K and a good range of B vitamins. Maybe the most appealing part, though, is the broad mineral base, including Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium and Zinc – to name but a few.

As with any high grade Multi, it is wise to think carefully about any single supplements or other combinations that you might also be taking, because it is possible to have too much of a good thing. But if you are looking for your nutrient back up from a single source, Omnium could be a good bet. It appears to be a sound, quality product containing a very wide range of nutrients.

As you might expect, this kind of advanced nutrition product comes at a price, so expect to pay, typically, around £17.50 for a 30 tablet jar. But maybe weigh this against the fact that Co-enzyme and a good Vitamin B Multi can, alone, be pretty costly. I tried Omnium for a month and did feel my health was well supported during that time.

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