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At GoldenCup we offer reviews and information about all sorts of goodies that can help to make your life that little bit better. Our focus is on wholesome stuff that’s good for you, contributing to inner and outer radiance. Ideally, whatever we focus on will also be good for the planet!

Comments are warmly welcome on this blog, however, we do ask that you please refrain from comments that contain:

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Thank you for your understanding and for helping to keep GoldenCup a spam-free zone!

To explain a little more about our theme: why a “Golden Cup”? The qualities of gold mean that it is pure, natural, radiant and strong – and of course highly valued. Gold has a wholeness, richness and lasting quality that makes it highly prized. We want to share products and information that may help you to connect with the golden qualities within yourself. The Golden Cup is a symbol of the “elixir of life”. This may mean many things but, to us, it stands for a sense of fulfillment. We are all looking for happiness and satisfaction. Anything that helps us to feel more content, complete, productive or purposeful may be found in the Golden Cup.

Health, wealth, wisdom, whatever it is you seek, we trust you will find a taste of it somewhere within the Golden Cup!

GoldenCup is written by Diana McMahon-Collis, professional Editor/Writer and Mind Body Spirit practitioner.
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  1. Interesting to read about other natural products around the world!
    Check out Botanica’s Natural Hayfever Gel relief product from Wanaka New Zealand

  2. Toney Mancil said:

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  3. Appreciating the comments people have left here. Allergy and sensitivity are big issues and it is good to know there is help out there, in all sorts of possible remedies. Goldencup will soon be adding reviews of some very special products across the health and beauty alternative stratosphere! Watch this space…

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