For all things golden

One of the best novels I’ve read in a long time.  It’s quite a fat read (just under 600 pages) but I managed to whizz through it in half of a week-long holiday in Mykonos.  A gripping tale and it doesn’t take too much imagination to pinpoint who the hero and anti-hero are based on!  Or maybe antagonist and protagonist would be more accurate terms for describing the two newspaper barons depicted in The Fourth Estate.  If you want a real insight into how the media operates and how the news is created – er recorded – you could do worse than read this book.  I had no idea how gifted a storyteller Jeffrey Archer is until I read it.  His time in politics was clearly not wasted, even if it only meant that he observed a great deal about the media machine!  I wonder if his other books are as enthralling; I particularly liked the subject matter in this one.  And if you’ve come across The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho you might even find a few echoes of that in here (no, really!). Archer manages to evoke sympathy for deeply flawed characters and never fails to shock in style.


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